KOWAP AG: Coolant system


Control to coolant system


Switch cabinet and control system for a coolant installation



The coolant system is to be equipped with a Siemens control system.
Dimensioning of the system in accordance with the specifications of the operator and the customer


Technical data:

  • coolant pump
  • return pump
  • Level and temperature monitoring by means of setpoints on the display
  • Manual operation for all actuators


Our service for KOWAP:

Delivery of the complete switch cabinet tested for function with the program.
Complete commissioning and pre-acceptance at the customer's site, thus an application at the operator was not necessary.

SACACSACAC AG: Concrete spinning plant

Project: Retrofit of
the control system to concrete spinning plant


Replacement of the existing control system, recipe-controlled centrifugal process



The control cabinet is completely replaced. In a second step, the installation is re-laid.


Technical data:

  • Power controller for DC motor 190kW
  • Beckhoff CX1010 controller with 12" touch screen
  • Fully automatic spinning process incl. closing and opening of the machine walls
  • Manual operation for all actuators


Our service for SACAC:

  • Delivery of the complete switch cabinet.
  • Complete commissioning at the customer's site.