Villeroy & Boch, Gustavsberg: Vårgardå Foundry



Machine and furnace control for an IMR and a KWC low-pressure casting machine.


Replacement of the existing control system and installation. Recipe-guided casting process with data recording for traceability.



  • Recording of the existing plant and the wishes of the customer.

  • Removal of the complete installation, switch cabinets and distribution boxes. The I/O - stations were installed directly at the distribution, this facilitates the diagnosis and maintenance.

  • The new control cabinet was dimensioned so that future extensions can be easily installed.

  • It is operated via a touch screen mounted directly on the operator's desk. The casting process is recipe-controlled. Production data is recorded for each casting.

  • The open temperature is controlled by a temperature controller. If the controller fails, the safety controller takes over this function.

  • The target temperature and limit values are taken over by the controller and can therefore be changed depending on the recipe.

  • A thyristor controller controls the power of the inductors. All performance data are read out, displayed and logged by the controller, so changes are visible.

Technical data:

  • IMR low pressure casting machine BPL155
  • Furnace output 120kW
  • 1 Manipulator
  • Feeding by ingot magazine and scrap loader
  • Transport with tongs and box loader


Our service for Gustavsberg:

  • Delivery of the complete switch cabinet.
  • Complete installation and commissioning at the customer's site.